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Is your Special Needs child reaching his/her potential?
Is your Special Needs child getting the right services?
South Bay Child Advocates, professional advocates for special education, are experts at navigating the complicated world of special needs, interacting with state agencies and local school districts on behalf of special needs children and their families. 
Contact SBCA today for a free consultation on how they can help you become effective parent advocates and/or represent you as an advocate for special education during your interactions with school districts or regional centers.
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We represent families throughout Southern California, from Malibu to Laguna.
Did you know every child is entitled by law to a Free and Appropriate Education (F.A.P.E.) in the Least Restrictive Environment (L.R.E.) with appropriate services in place so the child can be successful in his or her learning environment?
Are you satisfied with your child’s progress in school and/or at home?
Do you feel your child was assessed adequately and is placed in a program that fits his or her unique needs?
Do you feel comfortable dealing with your school officials or regional center representatives?
Do you understand your child’s rights regarding education and/or early childhood intervention?
Do you understand your rights with regard to your parental involvement with your special needs child’s program?
If you answer is NO to two or more of the above questions, please read the questions below. If your child has learning difficulties or a developmental disorder such as autism, and you reside in Southern California, South Bay Child Advocates might be the right choice for your family.
Do you feel your child is misunderstood at school?
Do you need help persuading the school to give the teachers and support personnel the tools and skills to help your child gain benefit from the curriculum presented?
Are you tired of being told your child does not qualify for a special education assessment?
Do you need help securing services or placing your child in a particular program meeting the unique needs of your child?
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Carmen Carley,Special Education Advocate
Helping Special Needs Families in Southern California obtain appropriate services since 2002!

Advocates for Special Education—South Bay Child Advocates

Do you need help overcoming road blocks in your efforts to gain appropriate services for your Special Needs child?

Do you need assistance and/or advice in your efforts to be an effective advocate in your role as parent, an equal partner during IEP or Regional Center meetings?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions there is a good chance that SBCA could be of great assistance to your family, and can teach you how to become your child's  advocate for special education and regional center matters.
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". 
While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.
                                                      by Angela Schwindt.